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New Nonprofit poised to Empower the Global Black Christian Experience

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

(Boston, MA - September 20, 2021) The Christian Church, worldwide, is in crisis. White supremacy, nationalism, xenophobia and other forms of inhumane sinful treatment of one another continues to blemish the ministry of the Church. The Black Christian Experience Resource Center (BCERC) aims to empower the resilient legacy and the prophetic hope of the Afro-Diasporic Christian Experience as a balm. According to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity’s “Status of Global Christianity, 2021, in the context of 1950-2050” study, there are currently more Christians in the Global South (1,712,851,000). More specifically, the continent of Africa has more Christians (684,931,000) than anywhere else in the world. Yet Eurocentric Christians dominate the religious narrative. Through cutting-edge research and the production of relevant & timely resources, BCERC is poised to empower the Black Christian Experience worldwide.

Led by esteemed scholar, Dr. Emmett G. Price III, “BCERC aims to fill the gaps, serve as a convener and create & curate resources that will be helpful to congregations, communities and church leaders across the African Diaspora starting here in the US.” A seasoned educator, founding pastor and current Dean of Africana Studies at Berklee College of Music. Price is indigenious to the Black Church and has spent much of the past few decades as researcher and scholar of her rich traditions. “The world was shaken by the vicious murder of Bro. George Floyd, yet too many remain silent and paralyzed with fear and a lack of courage. We must realize that reading and intellectualizing alone will not resolve the inhumane, cruel and traumatic treatment of Black people across the globe. No one else needs to die in order for Black life to matter. The Church must stand up, step forward and lead, BCERC will do our part to resource leaders.” A virtual event is scheduled for Thursday, September 23 to formally launch BCERC.


Founded in 2021, the Black Christian Experience Resource Center (BCERC) engages Afro-Diasporic congregations, communities, and leaders through cutting-edge research, educational initiatives, and programmatic offerings with the goal of empowering the global witness of the Black Christian Experience. For more information, call 617-221-3190 or visit our website at Follow BCERC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Media Contact

Tramaine E. Weekes

Director of Development and Communications



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